Who we are

l’Oro di Navelli is a farm founded by the Papini-Simone family, a family that has secular roots in Caporciano, an ancient medieval village dominating the Navelli Plain.
Caporciano founded the city of L’Aquila in 1254, along with other castles and its oldest place, Bominaco, with the castle erected in the eleventh century to dominate the valley.

Due to its position, the village of Caporciano has kept its ancient appearance for centuries, while preserving an illustrious artisanal and agricultural history.

In the early twentieth century became less populated due to the migratory phenomenon, and therefore it is today an uncontaminated corner, unique for climatic conditions, soil organoleptic properties, methods and rules that have been handed down unchanged for hundreds of years.

The Papini-Simone family has recently returned to Caporciano to retrieve the oldest traditions of saffron cultivation: the name l’Oro di Navelli (The gold of Navelli) is first of all a tribute to the preciousness of this spice, once called “red gold”, a very raw material rare, available today in limited quantities.

l’Oro di Navelli farm also aims to promote greater sensitivity and cultural awareness about the benefits and qualities of Navelli’s special and unique saffron.

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